Building community within
emerging technologies.

The {code} team, first launched as the open source division of EMC, began branding work with Fullstack in 2016 when EMC & Dell Computers agreed to merge as the newly formed DellEMC. The {code} initiative had reached success as future DellEMC customers interacted through the {code} community and its platforms. Starting in 2018, {code} was moving to encompass all of open source under Dell Technologies. The {code} team and Fullstack came together to create a cohesive brand platform to support the transition, but more importantly solidify the {code} team as a leader in the open source community and setup the brand for the open future ahead.


The goal: re-introduction, and unity.

Starting in 2014, EMC {code} launched as a strategic initiative with support from executive management, and aspirations of community focus, project transparency, and openness. As the team gained traction over time, so did its reach — beginning with a few projects, to launching the {code} community in 2015, followed by developer and advocate programs, to attending, hosting and sponsoring many conferences and events. As {code} prepared for its switch to Dell Technologies, it was time to bring it all together and re-introduce it to the world.


Days spent working
with the {code} team


Team & community
interviews conducted


Companies supported within Dell Technologies


Clarifying the {code} team purpose.

With team shift came a new team purpose — our first order of business was to ensure this new purpose was clear and expressed at every level of the brand. As {code}’s vision was big, the new purpose would be framed more as a brand promise. It had to be bold, clear, challenge the status quo, and connect with the community on a deep emotional level.

Brand Promise


Making every {code} detail inclusive.

Armed with an understanding of the {code} team and the community needs, we took inventory of the way the {code} brand was expressed visually. We identified the {code} logo, style, and illustrations as key pieces of their identity to focus on. Extending this identity across important touch points would ensure a cohesive experience no matter how users interacted with {code}.



EMC: Passion, Authority;
Reliability and Innovation

DellEMC: Dark, Confident and Vibrant;
Strength and Assurance

Dell Tech: Bright, Fresh and Energetic;
Authenticity, Humanity and Inviting


From EMC: Meta Pro, Architects Daughter, Arial

From DellEMC & Dell Tech: Replica, Roboto, Arial


From EMC

From DellEMC

From Dell Tech, but customized


Loved by many, the REX-Ray
artwork started from a project

REX-Ray brought into the
world as {code} sees it

Voice & Approach

From EMC

From DellEMC

Unique to {code}

Touch Points

Bringing the new {code} brand to life.

With the brand elements refreshed, we moved to re-design each touch point to look, feel, and express {code}’s community first approach. Each piece helps to expand the brand across new mediums.

{code} Newsletter

Re-designed and optimized.

{code} Events

Re-designed with the all-new look & feel.


Creating a space for open source to thrive

With the brand's promise & identity set, our final step was to create a plan that would foster awareness, loyalty, and growth. Working alongside the {code} team, we crafted a strategy that would powerfully reinforce their value, allowing them to consistently grow and retain users.




The all-new brand cements {code}'s shift toward becoming the larger contributor it aspired to be, and pushes Dell Technologies' trajectory in this area. {code} is now involved in many large open source projects that transform the way users all over the globe manage their IT.

Ongoing work with the {code} team has led to new discoveries-helping shape a modern and dynamic brand as the tech brand displays their commitment to a shared vision of future IT management.


Community Members


Open Source Projects Managed


Social Reach