Transforming challenges into
business opportunities.

From small businesses to major enterprises, more than 100,000 customers have trusted Quantum to address their most demanding data workflow challenges. Quantum approached the Fullstack team for creative support, and we couldn’t help but notice how a responsive brand framework could elevate their design to reach their perception in the market: a proven industry leader. This did not mean creating a system that would simply scale up or down, but rather a system that would make elegant and efficient use of any screen space, print, or environmental installations. So we challenged ourselves to create a concept, for proof of concept.


The goal: create an agile, bold
expression of the brand.

Responsive Branding is a framework of consistent voice, persona, values, look and feel that allows for a high level of customization and success. We looked closely at Quantum’s current branding guidelines & use cases, and quickly defined our approach: agile and adaptable to a changing marketplace, yet bold & confident to reflect leadership.


Updating the framework.

Looking to keep a common ground between the brand and buyer emotions, exisitng key elements of the brand played an integral role such as fonts, color palette, and the “brackets” design element. The update also introduces an alternate logo for small-space digital use, such as Twitter and Instagram icons. This version of the Quantum logo crops the larger wordmark to capture the “Qtm” which are also the letters of their stock symbol on the NYSE.


Fitting right onto screens.

It can be difficult to make a visual impact with detailed marks in a small-space digital world. For digital, our challenge was to strengthen this big brand to be adaptable, responsive and open, offering great flexibility in creating applications and expressions of the brand.


And matching in person.

Although digital was the main focus of the concept, our past work with Quantum gave us insight into how important it would be to extend the system to the physical world. This meant in small, large-scale, and environmental applications it had to be effective, yet familar.


Let’s concept together.

We love creating for data storage companies like Quantum. Although this is only a concept, we frequently work with their creative, product, and marketing teams to bring concepts to life, digitize their product line for tools like Visio, or beautify their customer facing materials such as presentations.