Fullstack Digital partnered with {code} to evolve through multiple re-branding initiatives, from EMC {code}, to {code} by Dell EMC, to the {code} team at the recently formed Dell Technologies. The all-new {code} website is the 1st cohesive destination for all-things open source at Dell Technologies, including smart content automation and a comprehensive re-imagination of the open-source code user experience. Visit the website at thecodeteam.com.

Bringing Code & Community Together in a New Way

Fullstack built the 1st ever native integration between Github & Wordpress that features complete project import & sync, individual project landing pages with real-time auto populated meta data, and a multifaceted front-end design. With cross-filtering, tags, search, and sorting the result is an open way to navigate and find open source projects like never before. See it live at thecodeteam.com/projects/.

Accelerating Community Management Like Never Before

Fullstack built the 1st ever native integration between Mobilize & Wordpress, featuring member import, member landing pages with real-time auto-populated meta data, an easy to use back-end and a beautiful front-end design. With multi-group import & sync, page level group display, and search, the result is an even easier way for companies to manage & promote their communities. See it live at thecodeteam.com/community.

Partnering with Fullstack has helped us bring {code} to life in the digital world. {code}‘s new visual identity was designed to be most effective in a digital context, and our all-new web presence has enabled its most dynamic and exciting application. The new website has been very well received by the our team and peers across open source! It''s a perfect reflection of the innovative, sustainable and community driven approach of what {code} is all about.

Amanda Katona /
Director, Marketing Operations